Dancin Babies
For ages 24 to 36 months. This is a class for toddlers to begin their dance education. They will learn basic tap, ballet and also tumbling skills. Pink ballet and tan tap shoes are required. This is a great way to start your child's dance education.
Combo Classes
For ages 3 to 6 years. A great introduction to dance! We offer a Ballet & Tap program. Each class is 45 minutes. Pink ballet and tan tap shoes required. Any color leotard & tights are acceptable.
The cornerstone of strength and technique in a dancer. Ballet is the foundation of dance and is recommended to those serious in their dance education. Pointe work is by teacher approval only.  Footnotes is proud to have on staff a Ballet Mistress.

An excellent class for those who love to make music with their feet. This class will strengthen coordination for a dancer to incorporate into their repertoire of dance techniques.

Emphasis is on technique and choreography. Modern and contemporary dance forms are also taught to introduce the dancers to other styles for the betterment of their technique. For company students, a ballet class is recommended in conjunction with this class .
Our most popular class! Old school and LA styled moves infused with sweet ultra funky dance music taught in these classes. We recommend serious students take this class as a secondary class to their technique classes.
Funk Jazz
For those who can't decide between jazz and hip-hop, funk jazz is for you!  Jazz technique is taught to hip-hop music is the perfect balance. You get the best of both dance genres here! Black Jazz shoes and Footnotes tee required. Black jazz pant, shorts, booty shorts or capris required for bottoms.
Modern / Contemporary
A constantly evolving style of movement that is initiated from an emotional standpoint. An athletic approach to a fluid style of dancing.
Continuous gentle flowing technical ballet and jazz movements which blend smoothly from one to the next to interpret slower-paced music tempos. Emphasis is placed on expressive, fluid movements and the "storytelling" of the music or lyrics of a song.

Fusion Dance Co.
Fusion Dance Co. consists of award winning, nationally ranked teams. Our solid reputation for quality reflects our attitude toward competition and our goal to develop in each student a genuine respect for dance as an art form.

Fusion Senior & Youth
Fusion Senior
Fusion Youth
Fusion Minis
Fusion Tinys

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