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Hip Hop Class

About the Class


Elite Jazz Performance Co. 

  • A performance ensemble exclusively for Footnotes dancers. Elite will be showcasing performances at different events throughout the year, including the annual recital where they have the prestigious opportunity to be the opening act. To be eligible, dancers are required to enroll in one Elite class and at least one additional technique class. 

  • Requirements:

    • Must be 6 years by December of current year

    • Must enroll in one Elite class and minimum of one additional technique class: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical

Placement Process:

  • Audition Required: All interested dancers must participate in a formal audition process.

  • Director's Decision: Final placement in the Elite Jazz Performance Co. is determined by the Dance Director, who will consider a combination of factors including technique, stage presence, and overall performance potential.

  • For more information about upcoming Elite Jazz Performance Co. auditions, please contact the studio about “Elite Jazz Co”

Please email us for audition details:


Ages 6 & Up


$68 per month


August - June

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