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Dance With Me

18 months - 2.5 years


Tippy Twos

2 - 3.5 years

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Combo Classes

3 - 6 years


Ballet  Level 1 - Pointé

6 years and up

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3 years and up

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Tap Level 1 - Adv


Funk-Jazz Level 1 +

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Jazz Level 1 - Adv

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Contemporary Level 1 +

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Lyrical Level 1 - Adv

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Turns & Leaps Technique

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Production Performance

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Elite Performance Co.

Jazz ages 8+
Hip-Hop ages 10+



The Art of Stretch


New to Dance? 

Technical Advice  For Your Child





Annual Registration Fee: $25 per dancer

30 min. class/week is $48 month*
45 min. class/week is $54 month*
60 min. class/week is $60 month*
Elite Jazz / Hip Hop Co. is $65 month*

* $2 multi-class discount given for 1 student with multiple classes
or families with more than one child enrolled.



18 months - 2.5 years - Dance With Me

30-45 min class

18 MOS - 2.5YRS

Dance with Me is for children 18 months – to 2.5 years old and their caregiver.

(Some classes do not require a parent in the class.)


This class provides an opportunity for a child and adult to bond while learning and moving together.


Caregivers also learn ideas and techniques to stimulate the learning and growth of their children through imaginative play and creative movement.

The Dance With Me Program Focus

  •  Expressing emotion

  •  Stimulating creativity

  •  Building social skills

  •  Encouraging independence

  •  Building self-confidence

  •  Developing mental process

  •  Enhancing physical development

  •  Expanding rhythmic and body awareness

  •  Introducing classroom etiquette

2 - 3.5 years - Tippy Twos

30-45 min class

2 - 3.5 YRS

Tippy Two’s is for dancers who are between the ages of 2 and 3.5 years old. 

This class serves as the bridge between Dance With Me and Preschool Level Classes.


To provide a comfortable, carefree environment where toddlers work on becoming independent from their caregiver and receiving rules and structure from someone other than the parent. The class syllabus is based on imaginative play and creative movement.

The Tippy Twos Program Focus

 Following rules and structure without the guidance of a caregiver

 Gaining independence

 Building social skills

 Stimulating creativity

 Building self-confidence

 Respecting their teacher and other children in the classroom

 Enhancing physical development

 Expanding rhythmic and body awareness

 Developing mental process

3 - 6 years - Combo

45 min class

3- 6 YRS

Combo classes are age-specific, 45-minute classes containing combinations of: ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, jazz, and creative movement.


The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to different styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. We have found that this “combination” technique helps to keep the kids excited, interested, and focused for the entire 45-minute period.


Dancers will learn basic steps and terminology. For example, all dancers will learn what a plié is and how to demonstrate one. Using of fun, age-appropriate music keeps the dancers engaged during class.

 This class will spend portions of the time working on two or more different styles, giving the children a fantastic base and exposure to different types of dance. 

The 3-6 Combo Program Focus

 Following rules and structure 

 Gaining independence

 Building social skills

 Stimulating creativity

 Building self-confidence

 Respecting their teacher and other children in the classroom

 Enhancing physical development

 Expanding rhythmic & body awareness

 Developing mental process

This is a great foundation and way to introduce fundamental basics while keeping it fun and interesting.

If you are enrolling in combo classes for ages 3-4yrs, your child needs to be 3 on the first day of the dance class. For combo classes aged 4-5, students must be at least 4 years old on the first day of their class.

Ballet / Pointé

45-60 min class


Classical Ballet provides the technical foundation and quality of movement which supports most genres of dance.


In ballet levels 1-4, our focus is to develop a strong technical foundation and proper body alignment.


In ballet levels 5 and up we layer the focus on artistry and performance. In addition to the many physical benefits of classical training, ballet helps develop the mind and attitude of the dancer with discipline, focus, and appreciation of structure which are critical attributes for a dancer's success.


Ballet training is essential for any dancer who wants to excel in jazz and contemporary styles as the technique and vocabulary for these disciplines come from ballet.

Pointé is recommended for serious ballet students.


Pointe is for dancers who have four years of classical training and have completed the pre-pointe class.


Dancers will receive permission to advance to the beginning-advanced pointe levels per evaluation and approval from their teacher.

In Pre Pointe, exercises are used to build overall strength, flexibility, and proper shape in the feet. When dancers are ready for their pointe shoes, they are individually fitted for their shoes by their teacher.


Dancers must be in level 6 (6th grade) to start pre-pointe. 

Please visit our Tech Advice page where we highlight the importance of jazz. 


45 min class


Tap is an important dance form for dancers from preschool through the fourth grade as it serves as a critical building block for all dance forms in developing rhythm, timing, musicality, and coordination. These skills serve as critical building blocks for all dance genres.


Lower levels of tap will master basic tap techniques while intermediate and advanced tap levels will learn more intricate and complex tap steps involving syncopated rhythms. 

Tap is a lively, rhythmic dance that makes the performer, not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician.


Great for all ages! 



Funk Jazz

45 min class


Jazz is a high-energy dance form that steals and borrows movement from ballet technique, modern, and hip-hop.


The focus of this class is to build strength, flexibility, body and mental awareness, and style; providing the necessary skills for possible participation in junior and high school extracurricular activities such as dance company, and musical theatre.


Because of the technical demands in jazz, students are encouraged to supplement their jazz training with classical ballet or a turns and leaps technique class.

For those who can't decide between jazz and hip-hop, Funk Jazz is for you!  Jazz technique is taught alongside basic hip-hop skills set to hip-hop music is a perfect balance. You get the best of both dance genres here.

We will always offer Funk Jazz to dancers who really have their hearts set on taking hip hop but NEED the technique that jazz provides.

Please visit our Tech Advice page where we highlight the importance of jazz. 


45 min class


Hip Hop class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment.


From Rap, R&B, and House to Club and Pop, Hip Hop classes utilize upbeat music from various genres, in addition to the latest Hip Hop hits.


The resulting outcome is an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.

Hip Hop is a street style of dance that focuses on self-expression and movement that involves the whole body. 


Hip-Hop is perfect for the beginning or advanced student who has the desire to participate in a less structured dance form that does not require knowledge or training in classical technique.

Footnotes is a Nationally & World-Ranked studio in Hip-Hop. We have many teachers who teach different styles of Hip-Hop which is vital for the growth of our students. Style is unique and so is our approach to teaching this genre. 



45 min class


Contemporary has become a popular dance genre that promotes versatility and improvisation, giving dancers the freedom to explore emotions as they connect mind and body through movement.


Contemporary is an important study for dancers who want to be on a competitive dance team or high school dance company, as most high school dance companies are contemporary based.

As for the difference between lyrical and contemporary is comes down to speed/cadence. 

Lyrical dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements as well.

Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends elements of ballet and jazz dance.


Lyrical is generally a little more fluid than ballet and also somewhat faster -- although not as rapidly executed as jazz dance.

Turns & Leaps Technique 

45 min class


The Turns and Leaps class dissects these two technical movements by breaking down basic building blocks and fine-tuning techniques so one can master a variety of turns and leaps which are used in most choreography.


Great emphasis will be placed on the body’s center, from which all movements begin and end, making it possible to maintain balance and control while executing turns, high extensions, and powerful leaps.


Spotting techniques will be studied to properly execute a variety of turns to reduce the dizzying effect of repeated rotation.

Turns and Leaps is a non-recital class.

Production Performance 

45 min class


Production Performance class is unique. 

Production Performance is a Theater and Jazz curriculum to increase dancers' skillsets in the area of facial confidence/ stage /event performances.

Think of this class as a combo of karaoke singing, while dancing.


Mastering the craft of performance with facials helps a dancer elevate their skillset. This class provides an environment for dancers to develop confidence as improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations in jazz and contemporary.


45 min class


Flexology is all about the STRETCH! 

We know the importance of stretching as it helps dancers find correct alignment, improve flexibility, and strengthen muscles necessary for class and overall performance.

Stretching is also the key to improving your dancing ability. It can help you increase your flexibility, strengthen your technique and improve your lines and range of motion while avoiding injury.


You put hours into learning and practicing routines, but stretching is just as important to your success as a dancer.


Flexology is a non-recital class. 


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